Tuesday, December 16, 2014

9 Days Until Christmas!

You know what that means :0)

You still have a few hours left in today to start your Christmas Novena.

May I recommend the beautiful one at EWTN ?

What should we say if a prince, out of compassion for a dead worm, were to choose to become a worm himself and give his own life blood in order to restore the worm to life? But the eternal Word has done infinitely more than this for us. Though He is the sovereign Lord of the world, He chose to become like us, who are immeasurably more beneath Him than a worm is beneath a prince, and He was willing to die for us, in order to win back for us the life of divine grace that we had lost by sin.

Beautiful. May be just the ticket to keep you in the right frame of mind while finishing up your baking, cards, etc...if you're waiting for our card, fear not! I've decided to wait until the actual Christmas season when my mil is here and I have some extra time on my hands.

We are blessed. Holy hour at St. Bernard tomorrow night at 7. See you there!

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