Sunday, October 26, 2014


For those who think we live in a bubble, I agree. I was just thinking about how we surround ourselves with families and activities that are similar in beliefs and attitudes to us. It makes our world, day-to-day, run more smoothly. As much as I enjoy our existence though, I also look forward to the times when we venture out into society.

Today, for instance, was our Christmas picture shoot at Picture People. Yes, Christmas. First, I had a Groupon that expires next week. Second, even though I enjoy society, I'm not prepared to immerse our family in the mall during the holiday season.

So, we had time together as a family. DH had time with the kids while I waited for the photos. He said they really enjoyed walking around which is good to know for the winter season! Ultimately the pictures worked as well as I had hoped and that yearly chore is finished. Whew.

Some outtakes:

Happy Sunday, everyone. We are blessed!

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