Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday - Kids' Activities

Our kids have reached the age that several of them are interested in participating in one activity or another. I know it's important to have individual interests but not being in school, it's hard to make that a reality. For now, the rule in our house is, "unless you have a clear talent for something, at least two kids have to be involved in each activity to make it a go". I've found that it helps with motivation, creates less stress of not knowing someone (we deal with that way more than I would like) and savings in transportation/calendar time. On the downside, more kids in each activity means more $. Am I dreaming or did you just have to buy the shoes when we played sports?

1. Catechesis - Religion, Socialization and Public Speaking!
Four of our kids are involved in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. The middle two take it at a nearby parish and the older two, at a parish a 40-minute drive away. I did struggle with that second one but it's such an awesome program, especially the older kids, it's definitely worth it. I may jump all the little ones to the second class next year so we can all be in the same place. For now, it's been great watching all the fantastic things they do. The older class has been reading the Sunday Gospel each Thursday night. Excellent training for future lectors ;0)
2. Slovak
#1 and I have been taking a Slovak language class on Monday nights. We've gotten a good amount of material so I'm hoping, when it ends in a few weeks, we will be able to keep it going at home.

The whole family (except me!) just left for dance class. Mr. G is still too small but he loves to watch them practice. On November 2nd for the show at Pitt, there will be a new little blonde joining this crew.
I can't wait to see her, actually. She is so excited about the whole thing. If you're nearby, come see the show. Lots of excellent Slovak crafts/activities.
3. Music lessons
Ug. I don't know what to do with this subject. #1 has been playing for 4 years now and I'm happy we started when we did because she does seem to have an aptitude for music. These middle guys...who knows? #2 wants to play the drum (sorry...I can't have a drum in my house. I just can't) and #3 wants to play double bass. Yes, they do start that early but I'm not sure he's ready. Have I mentioned it costs a crazy amount for lessons and rentals? So, we're in a holding pattern. Stay tuned.
4. Little people lessons
When #1 was tiny she had the opportunity to do all sorts of things (yes, I was one of those crazy mothers). In fact, each of my children was purchased fairly costly music lessons (Kindermusik) then proceeded to weld themselves to my leg or refuse to participate in some other way or form each class. So, when this little guy came along, I way. Fool me once, fool me four times but not a fifth. I do feel guilty sometimes. Then I put on one of the 10 Kindermusik cds we have collected from classes and all five dance around like fools. I figure that's better than a roomful of strangers any day.
5. Actual sports
Other than my previous mention of soccer for the boys, you may notice that we're heavy on music/dance and pretty sparse when it comes to athletics. Yes, it pains my 9-time-letterman heart ;0) Truly, though, they all seem to have inherited their father's prowess (not) in that area so I know my battle is lost. For now, we just enjoy running around together. #1 and I have actually been running around together and Sunday will be our first mother/daughter 5k. We ran a trial on Thursday morning and she did great! I'm happy, actually, since I have a raging fever and doubling-over cramps so, while we will start and finish on Sunday, there may be a lot more walking than running. Regardless, check off the athletic box! Hooray.
Wishing you all a blessed weekend. Remember to give thanks for each moment of your life - it is a gift, after all.

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