Wednesday, October 22, 2014 and in heaven

Happy FIRST feast day of Saint John Paul II! How exciting is that? I was talking to the kids in the car after Mass this morning and we were discussing the "first feast day as a Saint" idea. We figured it's a really big deal, like when we celebrated each child's first birthday. A HUGE celebration. Because my brain is altered these days, I then wondered aloud if JP II had a smash cake for the occasion. Who knows? Maybe in Heaven the mess disappears immediately when you're done with it? Or no one cares that there is cake/icing all over the floor?

I digress.

I am in my pre-Halloween funk. I hate Halloween. I'm sorry. I never did as a kid. I have nothing but fond memories. Still, growing up where I did and where my kids are (today we passed, in someone's front yard, a dummy impaled on a large steel beam...lots of blood and gore. Yay). What is it with people? We threw some corn, ate some candy, had a parade and that was it.

Our kids still do the trick-or-treat (mainly because we have some nice older people from church within walking distance). I'm happy to report, however, that this year when the costume trunks came out, there was a discussion of "what will we be for All Saints" right along with "what will we be for Halloween". Clever #1 is actually going as a Saint for each but the Halloween one "is a queen so everyone will just think that's what I am." Ah, teaching them to evangelize quietly at such a young age ;0).

Being the feast of such a great Saint, I'm not wasting it being bummed about Halloween...I'm wasting it searching the Internet for all sorts of fun games/foods/activities to celebrate at our All Saints party next week. It has the makings of a really awesome time. I can't wait. I love bringing all these kids together and talking about/dressing up like Saints. I love that it is as natural to them as baseball scores.

To get you in the mood (and because I have been so lax in reporting this earlier) I wanted to share with  you my dear friend's Etsy shop. She is one of the most amazing artists I know (ok, probably the most amazing) and she makes these wonderful little Saint peg dolls (and other types of peg dolls). Check her out here:

Then, when your Saints arrive (she may take a baby and all but trust me - MOST worth the wait!) give them to your kids. That's it. You will be amazed at the things they come up with. We have been laughing for many months now as our "Saints on the Shelf" (better than an elf and year-round!) have such exciting lives. Here are some shots I have taken during the months since we got them...they just end up in these poses. I'm not even sure who is moving them or when. (ahem ;0))

 Early on, they seemed to be having a lot of meetings.

St. Christopher came from Europe and when DH saw the tin man he yelled..."You can't have a tin man with an axe hanging out with Saints" LOL

Yes, St. Christopher did drop baby Jesus...which has since been repaired.

It's been fun watching the pairings every few days. If only I could get into my kids' heads... At least the heavenly friends are thought about and interacted with...some of the best toys we have!
Saint Pope John Paul II, Pray for Us!

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