Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday

I am working on organizing this house because DH picked it recently as a "topic of dispute" during a communications exercise...I am Anyway, that doesn't leave much time but I am surprised at how much is actually getting done, even with "all these kids" under my feet. So, here we go.

1. Leaving my bubble
DH and I have decided to try to become more involved in our parish. Part of that is trying out new ministries to see where we fit. We already help with the baptism preparation class but that is only a few times a year so we wanted to try something different. This time it was pre-Cana, the marriage preparation course.

Aside from the fact that it's 2 nights a week for two consecutive weeks and runs until 9:30 (missing bedtime each night or at least dealing with exhausted kids), I'm not sure it's a good fit. It seems to be a good marriage prep course but I'm missing the entire religious part. That and the fact that some major Church teachings are just swept to the side because, well, what can you do? I now know why there are so many people that think the Catholic church is changing. It sure seems that way to me sometimes.
I'm still deciding what to do. It has been two nights of almost-constant mortification for me. Sitting among four or five couples of 20-somethings who have it all figured out and who can't imagine anything worse than the life I've chosen to live (well, the fact that I've said "yes" to God's plan anyway). Don't get me wrong...I was that 20-something and I am here now so I will be praying that they also have the strength, if their eyes are opened, to go against society's path.

I think the most disappointing part is our host couple. I'm not sure what this woman sees in me but it's not good. Remarks like "you have all those children" (not in a nice way, she has three over a 10-year span) and "I told my daughter-in-law when she was struggling to leave their 2-month-old in daycare, it's the responsible thing to do. How could you step out of your job to stay at home? You would completely lose your identity. Not to mention the fact that you would be so far behind career-wise."

Sorry to go on. I really am struggling with this. I usually don't care when people say such things but, in this particular setting, I'm extremely bothered by it.  I guess I'll just sit with it and pray about it. Looking like the freak in a group is not new to me. It may do me some good...and if one of the brides-to-be could see that there is another way to do things that would be a blessing as well.
2. Homeschool
It came out at pre-Cana that I have a Master's degree and that we have 5 kids but it hasn't yet surfaced that we homeschool. I'm kind of afraid because the woman I spoke about above is an elementary school teacher. I think her head might completely implode ;0) (sorry, that's mean).
I've been weighing the pros and cons as the year has been progressing and I'm still at ease with our choice...even more so because I know it will end before I realize. #1 has decided to go back in 6th grade and, whether or not that happens, I know we only have a few years left together. So, I'm enjoying the experience now and praying that everyone is learning something. It's a little inconsistent so I could see that it would drive some people nuts. Today was highly productive with the little ones and some days I can't force them to do anything. You never know what the day holds ;0)

3. Mother-Daughter time

My eldest child is 9...what's up with that??? It kind of came out of nowhere and yesterday when we were celebrating her baptism day I realized how quickly this all went down. She is turning into a lovely young lady (yes, puberty is calling) and I'm proud of her. I have been so thankful to have her near these past few years and especially recent days as we pray and wait for the passing of beautiful young woman. Colleen is the mom of one of #1s best friends in pre-k and k and she has been battling breast cancer for these many years. Please keep her in your prayers if you don't mind. I can't imagine what the family is going through right now.

Yesterday we went on a run/walk to start training for a local 5K in a few weeks. We are going to run/walk it as our leg of the 3rd annual Run for the Little Flowers for which you still have a few days to register and it's on discount now so go for it! It's virtual so you can run anytime/place you want! The funds go to a really great cause and Katie is an amazing person.

Me from last happy to have a companion this year :0)

4. Fall!

We are in closet-changing mode here because Fall has officially begun. Ug. It is pretty but I was so happy with people in shorts and t' we have to think about layers. Oh, and slippers! Our hardwood makes it cold on little feet in the freezing months (not that they seem to care) and it is also merciless on slippers. We replace about every 2 to 3 months. This has made me an expert Zulily shopper! They have some cute things and when they have their blowout sale, it's really worth it to stock up. Here are G's newest design...a shout-out to cousin Chris. He even learned to say "Hook 'em Horns!" So cute.

5. Slovak Party!

One of my big brothers is coming in tomorrow to go with DH and me to the Slovaktoberfest downtown. We went last year and it's AWESOME! Slovak beer paired with Slovak yummies. I will definitely fill you in next week.

For now, enjoy your weekend. Tomorrow is the first Celebration Saturday for the CCD kids, followed by sandwich making for Red Door (a homeless ministry) to learn about the first corporal work of mercy (yes, our DRE is AWESOME!).

Enjoy your life, your loved ones, and realize how very much We Are Blessed!

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  1. Ugh...sorry to hear about your experience so far with pre-Cana. That sounds so disheartening.

    I'm really impressed with you, homeschooling "all those kids" (hehe). All I'm doing now is 20 minutes a day with Sly, teaching reading. And some days I get SO frustrated, lose all patience with him, and don't even recognize myself. For the first time, I'm starting to wonder if the whole homeschooling thing is really going to work out for us :-/

    I know, I know - he's only four. I don't need to be doing anything with him yet. But he's doing really well, and I hate to just drop it in the middle.