Sunday, October 19, 2014


I remember one thing from my Mass Media and Politics class in college...we read a news article that was titled "Russia places second in race; USA next to last". The lesson was on perspective and how things can look differently depending on your point of view. You see, the race (sadly I don't even know what it was a race in/for) only had two participants.

Today has been a little bit like that. There have been some great opportunities to see our blessings today. I do hope that we have looked at them with the right perspective.

First up - RACE DAY!

Today was #1's first 5k and my first 5k with a 9-year-old in tow (literally...I held her hand a lot of the way) and without music. I have a feeling that the speed may have been greater without my companion and with my tunes but I wouldn't have traded it. The blessings were huge and I know the perspective, at least for us, was the right one.

We ran our Little Flowers 5k and, I promise, the shirt was under all the other layers of clothing. There is a picture but I'm not putting it up because the size I ordered, while normally my size, would have been only slightly large for the 9yo. Not pretty. Not pretty at all. Shift perspective...I took this opportunity, during Respect Life Month, to "advertise" during my run. Not Little Flowers specifically, but Life in general. Besides, it's easier to read ;0)

Extremely cold this morning...
We got down to the race and I noticed that there were even fewer people than I had anticipated (60+) and they all looked like serious runners. I was grateful for the "prep" I had done with my girl in the days leading up to today.
We don't stress competition in our house. We're not those "don't keep score/everyone wins" people either. When someone ends up the winner of something, we congratulate them. When they boast about it, we correct them. If someone is a sore loser, they are also reminded of the purpose of the have fun and maybe learn something.
So in the days of training preceding our race today, #1 and I have been talking a lot. I told her there was every possibility that we could end up last and we both agreed that would be OK if 1. we didn't quit (assuming we were able to continue and didn't just want to give up) and 2. we did our best.
It turns out we were nearly last (I think there were 5 or 6 people behind us) but we ran when we said we would and walked at the formerly-agreed upon times and did our best all along the way. A little over the 2-mile mark, she tripped and fell on the uneven sidewalk. It was great to see her pull herself together (in a few minutes of walking) and finish the race. She has grown a lot in the last year.

I was also glad she kept going because when we crossed the bottom of our street, our cheering section was waiting for us! It was so nice to see them and hear them cheer us to start our last mile! I wish I would have had a picture of them but here is the one they took of us (DH and his dinosaur phone..."1 megapixel was cutting edge when I bought it" He is so cute).
I'm sure there were a lot of people in and outside the race shaking their heads at us. Our perspective, however, ended up just as I hoped. Doing our best for those who need us. Showing a good example to those around us. Spending time doing something that helps us grow. We are blessed.
Some funnies from the route:
Me: "We're running our Little Flowers race the same time as the D Dash today!"
#1: "Oh, no! So we're running 6.2 miles?" (at least she can add decimals on the fly)

#1: Grumbling...whining
Me: "Did I ever tell you I was in labor for 26 hours before you were born?"
#1: Quiet grumbling

Me: "I smell you smell bacon?" (this was in the final stretch...I promised her bacon when we got home for breakfast)
#1: "No but that car has a bumper sticker that says "I love BACON!"
 Me: "See? That's the Holy Spirit telling you to hurry up!"

Me, trying to get her out of her hysteria after she fell, "Imagine you're in front of a bunch of Sisters right now...offer it up and move on." I know the woman running past thought I was nuts but I know my audience. It worked ;0)
There was more on the perspective front during our long but blessed day. However, lesson plans for this week are unwritten so I need to shift perspective. More later.


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  1. Way to go Sue and Sil! What a wonderful opportunity to "advertise" Life (weren't those shirts tiny?)

    Pat's "1 pixel" comment... lol