Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Jesus, I trust in You

Today is the feast day of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, the Polish nun who received revelations from the Lord...messages that speak of His Divine Mercy on all of us sinners who must cause Him more than a little bit of anguish in our daily lives. How grateful I am for that!
It's not a missed opportunity that today is her feast. The last few days have been filled with trial and annoyance. There are many, many things that I could spend today complaining about - life is unfair, you know? People fail to make any sort of sense sometimes (me included). It can be overwhelming.

Instead, I will quietly put myself at The Shrine and pray myself to mercy...which in this case means giving others the benefit of the doubt while trying to hear God's message in these circumstances. Does He really just wish to allow me all these trials to steel me against future, more difficult ones? Or, does He want to shake me out of my habit, to move to something more? As I said, a lot more prayer is required. That's never a bad thing.

If you would, please keep a dear friend of ours in prayer. It seems he is near his eternal reward and I wish him as little pain as possible as he passes through the veil. He has touched our lives deeply and he will be missed greatly.

Whew. As I said, it's been a bit of a week so far (and it's only Wednesday!). For something a little lighter, here are the pics from yesterday's "St. Francis pet store tour" with the kids. It's what we non-pet people do to rejoice in God's creation without having to actually care for another being. Yes, the goldfish died within 48 hours. Yes, it's a total miracle that I manage to keep these little people alive. Why is there no medal for that ;0)

yeah, no. we know how well we do with fish.

Awww, sweet Marbles. She looks just like my first cat!

G's favorite after

no birds...ever

blue lizards!


St. Faustina and St. Francis, Pray for Us! Jesus, I trust in You!

We are blessed.

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