Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It still amazes me

Lately, as my tiny chub has become a fully-grown little boy (his feet are the same size as his next-two older sibs), I realize that time is passing. I see the gray in my hair getting thicker and when I see a picture like this...
I realize the two big people now look more fit to the grandparent role. Such is life.

That's why I have to stop and give thanks to my Creator for bringing this amazing man into my life.

Today, riding out to the car dealer to replace our 8-year-old, 7-passenger-van with the same but newer model, he wondered out loud..."So, I know you're almost 48 but you have been having stomach trouble for a few days and I just wanted to make sure before we buy a 7-passenger because, sometimes, God likes to kick me in the behind like that."

It would be funny, wouldn't it? and so like us. It only took until my arrival home, though, to realize that we had, indeed bought the right sized vehicle. When I called to check on his arrival back at work, I told him he would be happy to know that there was no new baby in our future. "No, " he said, "I'm not happy, we would both welcome new life."

Yeah, just wow. Still, so many years from that first little pink girl, so many days into the joys (many) and trials (many) of parenting, he is still open. There is no other way to say it...I am so very blessed!

An aside...In case you missed it, 40 Days for Life is still going on. If you're frustrated with the election and just want to go out and speak for people who have no voice (like babies in the womb), please look up your local vigil and go pray. If you can't go, fast and pray at home. If you're not a baby person, just fast and pray for this election. God is needed, no matter what the outcome (thankfully He is also in control!)

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