Friday, October 21, 2016


If I didn't know the story of the ark, I'd be a little worried right now. I do, though, so this torrential-day-long-downpour isn't worrying me that much. Water in the basement is very much a first-world-problem. While I'm counting my blessings...

1. This dude

I've already gone on-and-on about how much I love him and how connected we are, being fifth-of-five and all. I love all my babies (even the big ones) but I am blessed, with no babies vying for attention, to be able to sit and stare at him sometimes...the beauty of God's creation in this tiny boy.

2. The unexpected kind

The big, yearly, homeschool "geography" trip is coming up. We are heading to Texas (among other places) to visit DH's great friend from graduate school and his wife and daughters. I arrived home this evening to find this in the mail...

It seems they went to Galveston to check it out (we're also heading there) and put together a travel packet better than any tourism bureau could manage. At the end of the long week, knowing that someone would go out of their way to help with our trip (they've not met 6 of us, btw) God's love in action.

3. All Wrapped Up

I am trying to read Archbishop Chaput's recent presentation, “Reclaiming the Church for the Catholic Imagination” in its entirety look it up, it's really good. In it, he refers to this manuscript illustration from the 13th century
Yes, that's the Blessed Mother punching the devil in the face
My afternoon blessing was extended prayer time in my favorite Marian chapel, where I knelt and meditated at, managing every possible ounce of strength I could from the work of this beautiful foot. 

 The original meaning of the term, "crushed it".
This is not to say that we shouldn't be on guard, always, for evil and just let Our Lady do it all. It does mean that she is an irreplaceable ally in the fight, and it is surely a fight, against sin overtaking our life. 

That and unexpected confession opportunity preceding afternoon Mass? Yep, I'm really, really blessed.

 Let's pray extra hard for all of those who are suffering, or continuing to suffer, the effects of the heavy rains. When you're asked to help, do it.

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