Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Life is like that, full of change. I'm striving to follow St. John Bosco's advice
It's hard sometimes, as a sinner, to be that close to Him as to hear clear instruction. Sometimes it's there but lately, not so much. There is great turmoil swirling around here and it's been difficult to determine whether it's His will or something from the dark one, meant to trip me up. No change has happened, even though I know the time is now upon us.

So, we continue what we know...we learn new things, live life together, and go to places where we can be quiet and listen. This weekend that was the diocesan pilgrimage to Washington D.C. The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is my third home (you know the Divine Mercy is my favorite ;0) ) If we ever live in DC, I will be there weekly. The time spent as a family, surrounded by other pilgrims, in view of Our Lady under all of her titles, led by loved members of the clergy, it was a very special day.

A new Holy Door is never a bad thing!

Are you surprised? DH looked and shook his head in agreement. It fits...completely.

She said "yes" throughout and to the end...what a great person to emulate.

Namesake and photo bomber

She has always been with me, her counsel is perfect.

I also like this place specifically because of "angry Jesus". After looking at Him through the choral concert and Mass, I wouldn't say it is anger, exactly, more like expectation. No fluffy friend Jesus here. For a not-my-opinion, look at what Msgr. Charles Pope has to say. Mercy and Justice. I like it.
It was a wonderful, much needed family weekend. We came home tired but filled with good things. We slept in, had a nice morning together then joined other parishioners for our time slot at 40 days for life. We had a great number in attendance and that is always a good thing, filling the street with prayer for all of those who will pass by or enter later in the week. I fasted while on pilgrimage and Planned Parenthood was closed unexpectedly that day! Our God is so good and so loving. He takes the most pitiful effort and uses them all for good. All we have to do is turn to Him with our offerings, great or small, and remember that everything flows from His love. It's never, ever all about us. What a good lesson to learn.

We are blessed.

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  1. Beautiful. I can't believe we haven't been. It's on my list for our post-Christmas trip! Thank you for your example. Xo.