Sunday, July 3, 2016

The crows

We have had an abundance of new life around here, from the avian world anyway! The latest was a sweet mama mourning dove that made her nest in our second floor window box.
For at least two weeks, she sat patiently on two beautiful white eggs. I know because, while she didn't leave often, she did fly off sometimes when I was watering the plants out there. She always returned before too long, back to her nest to tend those eggs.

On Friday, we finally saw a little beak peeking out from under her feathers. One of the babies was here! What a sweet little guy he was too.

So tiny, so fragile, so defenseless. I took this picture this morning because the kids, who check every morning to say hello to mama, let me know that she wasn't there. Where was she? Why did she leave? Would she be back soon?

DH went to the car to get something and came in the door with anguish covering his face. He said a big crow had flown out of the box when he walked by. Going to the window, he confirmed the tragedy by witnessing the sprawled, lifeless body of tiny baby bird.

I'm not trying to liken our family to these birds in that I know crows, for whatever reason, felt an instinct to attack and kill this little one. I know that the mother, if she returns, won't feel "sad" because she's a bird and lacks emotion. Still, I can't help but have a deep sense of warning in all of this. We are full-up with defenseless baby birds here and the crows most certainly waiting.

I suppose I'm more in tune with the threats because I've begun reading the Manual for Spiritual Warfare by Paul Thigpen. It brings into rather sharp focus all of the ways Satan is waiting to grab our souls and turn them, subtly or not so, from Our Heavenly Father...many times with our help! I believe what he says and I do feel the importance of being prepared for battle.

There is a difference between being afraid (which is unnecessary because God is so much more powerful than Satan) and being watchful. It is a big challenge trying to guide our kids through this world. I know we will fail to be vigilant all the time and I pray that our attention doesn't waiver when it is essential for them. I pray that Our Lady will wrap her mantle around our little ones and keep them safe. I pray that when temptations come, they will be mature and learned enough to recognize Satan's empty promises. We just came back from the Divine Mercy Chaplet at church...perfect. Jesus I trust in You!

We are blessed.

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