Tuesday, July 5, 2016

And so we begin again...

Wow, I just realized it's the beginning of our FIFTH year of schooling our kids at home. That was a pretty quick half-decade! #1 began in 2nd grade and she is now in middle school. Time flies!
Awww...our first "school" picture !

As always, we began the year with daily Mass. It was extra special with two deacons and a priest on the altar (along with #s 1&2 serving). Then, out to Blessed Mother for this year's pictures :0)

Everyone looked good...a nice start. Then, of course, there is the troublesome one...


clearly it was too early for him...clearly he'll begin his schooling right around 2nd grade...lucky he's cute

Blondie headed out for "Grammy school" tea parties and cookies...I wish my 1st grade was that sweet; and the rest got down to work. I do love their enthusiasm during these first weeks.

Until our schedule book catches up (August) we're using hourly schedules...they seem to do well with ordering the day.

probably also helped that there was an art project first thing
and music

Ahh, online English. I'm enjoying the summer semester when I don't have to fight about writing paragraphs.

If you're wondering, I have no idea. When we began, everyone decided that #1 would return to school in fifth grade. Clearly we sailed right by that and when I asked her last week, she said, "maybe I can go back in ninth grade." It really is a year-by-year decision and I am so grateful to have the ability to be teacher to this wild bunch. It has been a quick five years, full of trial and joy, and I join them in their excitement for the new experiences that await us. There will be trials and bad days, for sure, but it is wonderful to know that I will be there, working through the ups and downs with them. Teaching is a pretty amazing profession...almost as amazing as motherhood.

St. John Bosco, Pray for Us!
St. Gemma Galgani, Pray for Us!
St. Benedict, Pray for Us!
St. Thomas Aquinas, Pray for Us!
St. Isidore of Seville, Pray for Us!
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, Pray for Us!

We are blessed.

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