Thursday, July 21, 2016

Busy, Blessed Day

In pictures because I'm too tired at the moment...

First Elsa and Batman made breakfast (sorry it's blurry, I literally just woke up)

Then I had some coffee and made breakfast...lots of protein, fluid and fruit

That's right!
It was Slovak day at Kennywood!!!
This year's display was all about Svaty Mikulas

St. Nicholas! (Ignore the Santa paper...different guy ;0))

The kids hung out and talked to the people coming by to ask about all the beautiful things
#1 got to try out her Slovak on the Consul who happened to stop by...she said, "I got as far as introducing him to everyone  and then it kind of fell apart." LOL

They were busy watching the jackrabbit out the back of the pavilion

which was too bad because Rick Sebak also stopped by

Time to get ready
Cheese boys
Not sure but it's definitely cute

Pretty sure he tried to touch the violin...never, ever, touch the violin ;p

time to dance


and toot


and swing your partner
I should mention that, despite being one of the cutest little kids around, Mr. G would not, under any circumstances, dance. Nope. Not at all. Even the promise of a cheregi would bring no positive result. Such is life with a 4-year-old.

One last picture with the special visitors then change back to ordinary kids and off to ride...

He was ornery all day...God bless his dad

I'm not sure he approved of her driving

The twins ;0)
Whew. The 98+ temps were brutal...time to head 5...across town. Just because we had the day off doesn't mean the rest of the city did! God, being so good, allowed us, in just a little over an hour, to pull into the parking lot of a local church for Day #4 of the St. Anne Novena. More on this later, suffice it to say that they will drag themselves after a full day to attend. Jesus's grandma is a pretty special lady.

After a lovely homily on mercy, I couldn't possibly withhold the cherished cheregi...sounds like breakfast to me!

All thanks to God for a wonderful, full, family-centered day. We are very, very blessed.

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  1. I wish I could see your kids dance! They look wonderful, and Sil looks like she's about 26.

    We just got our power back on, so what am I doing at 6 in the morning? Catching up on electronics ;^P