Sunday, May 1, 2016

In the presence of all the heavenly court, I choose you this day for my Mother and Queen.

Happy May, everyone! The title is from St. Louis de Montfort's formula for Marian Consecration (more on that later). This is the first day of Mary's month and how blessed it has been!

We are praying long-and-short-distance for three friends who are receiving Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time today. May God bless them with a long, faithful life!

This is the first Sunday of the month so that means Children's Rosary ! It is always a great time to join with friends to pray together but today was extra special because it was also the May Crowning! I love May Crownings. All the little ones processing with and to Our Lady. It's a beautiful thing.
Bear hug for the Blessed Mother :0)

Sweet little girls

and little boys...and big girls

What a beautiful group
After the rosary we walked home and had Italian Ice to celebrate the official ending of school! (on our end at least, I still have to go through portfolio review). DH was kind enough to bless me with the entire day off from kids yesterday and I am grateful to say, as of 10 last night, we.are.done. Thanks to God for's been kind of a long month.

Thanks to Him also, for new life. Yesterday as I was getting ready to hang my first clothes of the season out on the line, I saw this...
It's too high to see into so I held my camera up over the lip and snapped. What a perfect hue to begin this month of Mary.

St. Joseph the Worker, Pray for Us (especially the dads)

We are blessed.

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