Thursday, May 5, 2016

Blessed day...

We've been enjoying our time off this week. Lots of puzzle-solving, reading and board games (it's been too muddy to go out much). Yesterday, the eve of Ascension Thursday, was like a big Mass cookie with baseball filling ;0) (don't worry, no one here thought it was funny either).

When I was walking through the house yesterday morning, turning on the lights and trying to wake up, I came face-to-face with this. I stopped long enough to read it, think a moment, and snap a picture.
When the Holy Spirit takes the time to put something like that in my face, it usually means I'm in for an interesting day. The Holy Spirit did not disappoint.

The little blond girl said she had a headache at breakfast and didn't feel great. I asked if she wanted to stay home and she said "no" so she rested and after about an hour, we headed out.

We were on the fifth decade of our rosary, about to pull into the parking garage, when she (it was her decade) started crying. Before I could ask what was wrong, she threw up the little she had eaten for breakfast. (I am always grateful at these moments for my friends with many kids...I know they're walking this walk along with me so it helps a great deal to know I'm not alone.)

Thankfully, having dressed for the predicted cold weather that didn't happen, I was able to peel off her coat and jersey and  give her my top shirt as a replacement. It was perfect because, being long, it covered the cleaned up spots on her pants. (I so admire this kid...she's like me in the puking feel horrible, then you do it, and it's back to normal...sorry for the tmi).

We headed into town early so we could go to Mass before the game. We love the church downtown. It's small, full of candles, and has the most beautiful Blessed Mother statue. It was still early when we arrived so we enjoyed the sun in the plaza next door.
See? Feeling much better

I love the beauty of our city and its buildings

We enjoy attending a parish downtown and tend to go there on Wednesday, whenever possible. The reason is a very special priest who says Mass on Wednesday fairly frequently. My eldest child, when walking out always says, "that was the best homily I've ever heard!". Sadly, this priest was not in attendance yesterday and a riot was beginning to brew. Luckily the bishop walked in just then so I bought them off with, "well, if not Fr. Joe than a bishop is OK too." Equally unfortunate, it was not the bishop who processed to the altar but a very lovely Capuchin or Franciscan priest. I welcome these occasions and enjoy the discussions that follow, usually involving, "you realize you're not going to Mass to be entertained or to see your favorite priest."

It was equally wonderful when, walking out, we were approached by the deacon who welcomed us, told us how great it is to see children at that parish, and gave us a really nice blessing..."Lord, please shower them with Your graces today." Perhaps the Holy Spirit had clued the dear deacon in as to the happenings of our day so far ;0)

Hearts and souls refreshed...we hopped the trolley and rode under the river to the ballgame. 

I cannot say enough for our local team's kids club. It's free to join and you get a free Chick-fil-a kid's meal plus a free game ticket and four or five bogo ticket coupons. The total for our six tickets was $30. I brought a bunch of food so we only had to buy water and popcorn/pretzels so the total food was $12. The only difficulty was parking but I made an allowance...the T is under construction and you literally can't get there from here unless you give yourself an extra two hours.

Every time I go, I can't believe how blessed these kids are...this is their baseball park!

Bacon Bert (what's up with that...bacon?) won the pierogi race

We made it out ahead of the rain, over the bridge, back to the car and home safely. Thank you God for the wonderful day!
We left a few innings early (the Cubs were in town and they seem to have our number this series), the score being 5-0 and the rain threatening. The kids finished out the game at home until it was called for storms.

grand slam!

We are blessed to participate in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. It's a wonderful program and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a good way to instill a deeper faith in your kids. We drive 40 minutes each way to get to the closest church that offers all the levels of the program but it is more than worth the time spent traveling.

Last night was the closing Mass of CGS this year and, as luck (ahem) would have it, also the Vigil for Ascension Thursday. Double bonus! DH got home, we jumped in the car and headed North. The older four even got to take up the gifts. I love when we, all seven, get to share Mass. It is a very special time.

St. John Neumann, pray for us
What a wonderful day...trial and joy and graces in abundance (thanks, deacon!). I am so grateful to God for this opportunity to spend my days with the little people. All the days can't be this fun...there are plenty on the opposite side of the scale, but they are all spent together...experiencing, growing, and giving thanks.

We are blessed.

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