Saturday, May 7, 2016

done, done, never done, and not quite done

This week seems to be a good one to start ending things around here. It's nice to think we're finally entering Summer! Even the sun decided to peek out after four days of clouds.

Yesterday was the last Little Flowers of the year (and today the last Blue Knights). They are nice programs, the kids learn about virtues and meet new kids but, like most things, they take away family time. I'm looking forward to having everyone in the same place for a few months.
They got their hair cut sweet :0)

After a decade yesterday was the completely arbitrary day that we declared our household diaper-free. He's been dry for over a week so that's good enough for me. He got to go to the toy store and pick out a "big boy" gift. Of course he had lots of help but he settled on bowling. I love the things they choose. It's usually a complete surprise (he went in looking for a "bear bigger than Benjamin"...who is a fairly large bear).

The poor you will always have with you. We are blessed to be members of the St. Martin de Porres group in our parish. There are two aspects, making and serving. Because the little ones are too small to be downtown at night handing out food, we stick to sandwich making and lunch packing. The woman who heads the program is one of those people who I love, love, love to have the kids around to interact with; she is an amazing witness to the faith. Yesterday they were lucky enough, after having finished the sandwiches, to help make the iced tea and coffee.
It's impressive...even more food than at our house!

"Not quite" is generous...we leave on pilgrimage/birthday trip next week and I'm just now getting around to working out the plans. Ug. This may have to be one of those Holy Spirit inspired journeys. I know where we're staying each night and after that...we'll see what happens. I'm excited to see new churches in new places and we're all excited to take a break for a while. I'm sure the Holy Spirit won't fail to disappoint.

Praying that you have the time and patience to complete all the necessary things and let go of everything that really doesn't matter.

We are blessed.

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