Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy 7th Sunday of Easter (next week, wear RED) and Mother's Day! So many women are passing through my mind today...
My mother

She and I can have stormy times (probably because we're both the babies and we're so much alike) but, wow, what would I do without her? She takes Little Man every Monday so I can take the older four to Adoration and get some schoolwork done. The latest project...end of year puppet show. Three acts: The leopard and the pie; Dominic and the frog; and sisters' dance recital. We joined my aunt and mom's neighbor for the one-and-only performance was lovely. All kudos to Gram who made the Dominic puppet, helped Dominic make the frog puppet, and oversaw everything from set painting to refreshments. She is definitely teaching art next year!

DH's mom

We will be traveling soon, heading South to celebrate her 80th birthday. I can't say either of us have been the best of in-laws...more like the stereotypical mil/dil relationship. Still, when I start to lose my temper over something she does that is so unlike what I would do, I figure...better or worse...she raised the man I love. I miss his dad as a buffer but so be it. We're called to love so I will pray for the grace to do just that.

My friends who are moms

I have been given a few wonderful women in my life, older and younger, who help me to be a better mother. Their example is always educational and even when we end up with differences because we are different people, they are there to talk it through and pray for each other. Each of these women plays a special role and I am so thankful for the blessing of them.

My friends' moms

This morning before Mass I found out that a dear friend's younger brother died suddenly. He was 44. I feel such sorrow for my friend but, especially today, I grieve for her mother. On Mother's Day your babies, no matter how big, should be with you (in spirit if not in person). What a sad time to lose one. 

I'm keeping all mothers in my prayers today. I know what a difficult path it can be and I know that each and every one would benefit from extra grace (even the "supermoms" out there). How lucky I am to have the Blessed Mother to wrap me up and guide me to her Son. How grateful I am for His patience and mercy.

We are blessed. 

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