Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 2, Part 2...It's not all religion ;0)

After our lovely Cathedral Mass, we headed across the street to Jason's Deli to pickup some to-go sandwiches (which wasn't the easiest thing since, silly me, I hadn't realized that Vanderbilt Law School had graduated about 10 minutes prior. Oops). Trials, people...they happen ;0)

We jumped in the car and headed to (cue trumpets), one of the Seven Wonders of the World! Truth-be-told, they call it the Parthenon and I suppose it also looks like that but, seriously, I think it could also pass for the Temple of Artemis, don't you agree? Regardless, it was pretty cool and even though we didn't go inside (it's an art museum that would have cost $32 and, well, we're not that into art). Besides, it was a gorgeous day...perfect to sit outside and lunch then take a walk allll around the park.

color view of reconstructed model of Temple of Artemis, at Miniatürk Park, Istanbul, Turkey
Similar, non?

As if Greece/Turkey weren't enough history/geography to chew on, we then headed to the Tennessee State Museum. This was strictly for #3 who is a Civil War aficionado but #1 also showed some good interest. The little ones and #2? Well, they can't all be a success. Besides, it was free to get in and parking was not $32 so, score.

my mom made each of the girls a "sunbonnet sue" quilt so it was cool to see another!

The day was getting late, we had a 30 minute drive to the hotel (which turned into 90 because of an accident ahead of us) but we arrived, had dinner, and headed to bed. What a fun, full day in Tennessee. There happened to be a convention of 4-6 year-old cheerleaders in the hotel with us but, gratefully, the desk person put us "above the fray" and we enjoyed our 9th floor quiet view. It was especially beautiful when the sun came up (I forgot to change my clock to central time...oops) on a Saturday that would be, for our family, one of the most memorable in a long time.

Even in a reasonably warm (the ac was not exactly working) hotel room, we are abundantly blessed.

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