Saturday, April 30, 2016

The great house relocation of 2016

No, we're not relocating our house (I wish...does someone out there know how to move a 100+ year-old house from the city to three or four acres just outside the know, like walking distance from the trolley?)

We did, however, relocate/renovate some of the things and rooms of the house this Spring, starting with the main bathroom. Don't get me wrong, this giant spa tub was lovely when it came to bathing many little people at once...
Two kids AND a baby in a baby tub!
however, as the babies have grown into bigger kids, it was just a huge waste of space. So, we lined up our guys and went from this

So happy there will be no more head bumping on cast iron!

The diaper pail was also a casualty of the demolition...hooray!
to this...
The new, normal-sized tub...with a curtain...I LOVE it.

This was my floor choice and DH wanted lighter. When he returned to purchase the lighter floor color, this was all that was left. Ahem. ;0)

Gone the tub-in-the-middle-of-the-room-with-crazy-steps.
DH is a huge fan of "since you're here, could you..." so the guys turned our back "storage" room from the unheated, largely unusable "arctic"
I don't have a "before" so this is "during...they framed and insulated the wall (it was originally a porch) and installed a baseboard heater

To our new "big people office"
ignore the "portfolio mess"...I have Our Lady and our wedding photo and a door that closes!

My view! Crummy photo but yes, I can see the Presbyterian steeple and hear the St. Bernard bells. It is a heavenly spot.

The best part is my suite-mate ;0) It's so nice to have a space where we can both work
It is an on-going process (more on the kids' rooms at a later time) but so worthwhile. I am grateful for this sturdy old house and happy that we are able to modify it enough to continue our life here.

We are blessed.

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