Saturday, April 23, 2016

Birthday Blessings

We are lucky enough to have two little boys who share April as a birthday month. Being only 14 days (and 4 years) apart from my sister's birthday, I know it can be annoying to always share the big day but nice, sometimes, to join together as a family to celebrate another member's entry into the group :0) This month, we decided to have a "family night" to celebrate our April boys.

We found a lovely hotel not far from here (and very close to DH's office) that, for us, is a special gift. Four beds in a two room suite means the kids get to "sleepover" with whichever sibling(s) they choose. Better than a slumber party because you actually get a bed! The flat screen tvs are also equipped with Nickelodeon (we didn't watch because I guess they only show Sponge Bob now?), Disney (hooray for Paw Patrol!) and Food Network (Chopped is a big favorite, as is almost every other show). We also had the Peanuts Movie on hand for a special treat.

I know that one day our kids will want to go off with their friends and do their own things. For now, I like that they still enjoy being with their family (another benefit of a big family...a party wherever you go!). It makes me smile to see them together, laughing and playing, and reminds me of all the good things I cherish as the last of five kids.

a little cute!

The last year for "4" (sniff) and a makeshift "9"

The other people in the dining room joined in :0)

The blue glove in the back belongs to "Miss Mary" the lovely woman who attends to the nightly hotel dinner...another bonus - free dinner and breakfast the next day (hooray for me!)

He loved the "grass"


Back to the room for Peanuts!

An extended family party tonight with grammy and auntie and then we can close the book on birthdays this month! End of school next week and then the work (portfolio) begins. I will be praying for lots of rain so I have nothing else to do (sorry in advance).

Happy birthday to my bookend boys. How blessed we were to have you and how grateful we are to help in your journey.

We are blessed.

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