Tuesday, April 19, 2016

More randomness

We are in end-of-school-birthday-crazy-and-quiet-all-at-once mode so a jumble of happenings will have to do.


It is Summer, right? Sunday was 78 and Monday was over 80! The kids are in shorts and if it weren't for the school bus I just heard...well, I would put it at mid-June somewhere. Whatever, after the up and down cold/warm nonsense we've been suffering through, I'll take it. The true sign of Summer, of course, is when the "summer toys" come down from over the garage.

greatest summer toy ever...on it's 10th year!

Being a city person

I grew up on an acre of land, an hour outside of the metropolis of Pittsburgh. We got our milk from a dairy and we had a chicken coop (not a little one...a brick building...at least until the rooster attacked me and we had a lot of chicken soup. bad memory). On my 13th birthday, I helped my dad gut a dear that my brother had just shot. I have always, at heart, considered myself a country girl. 

I guess the 20+ years of city have taken their toll, however. I take my kids on the trolley instead of trail rides and we go to farmer's markets to get our produce instead of growing them in our football field-sized garden. So it was nice, yesterday, to see that a mama bird had again chosen our extra flower pot as her nest. DH was even feeling a bit "countrified" to realize we had 3 baby birds growing up just outside the basement door. 

The little fluff on the right side is the nest

She hid them well. They are under the thatching where there is a black spot at the top left. DH was a little shocked when he lifted it up and peeked in...three babies!
The feeling didn't last long when I read my friend's blog. They have been dealing with raccoons in their attic for several days which has led to various types of traps. Their very countrified son took one of the traps and tried to catch a squirrel but instead ended up with this...

Ug. I don't even like it on my blog...it makes me queasy. Yes, I have become city through and through. I kind of expect that there will be mice and even a rat or two prowling around here but if I ran into this guy walking around one night, I think I might scream. I have become my husband.

Moving backward and forward

Today was the delayed (due to illness) but much-anticipated G and Mom Day Out. We were supposed to go to the museum but it was too nice to be inside so we walked to the park and grabbed lunch at the diner nearby. 

when he's alone he talks...a lot
It was an odd feeling, walking hand-in-hand with my child and not needing to have my eyes on four other kids. I was magically transported back in time to 2006ish, when it was just me and #1...hanging out, lunching and moving through our day.

While it was a nostalgic moment, I was also keenly aware that we are, finally, moving forward. On Sunday he declared (then dressed himself so no one would say otherwise) that he would wear underwear. He has every day since and, although there are one or two accidents each day, I think it's better than anyone had expected. 

This is completely new ground, having been dealing with diapers for the last decade and, while bitter-sweet, it is very welcome. I bought a huge new purse and I look forward to a day soon when it's only filled with my books to read when everyone else is occupied. (Babies are a blessing and wonderful but they are so exhausting...I'm beginning to see the blessing that we have passed though "the tunnel" and can see the light at the other side). 

Much more fun to come this week but you'll have to wait because I have to deal with the end of today first. I hope you're more awake than I am at the moment and I hope, wherever you are, that your weather is a beautiful as it is here.

We are blessed.

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