Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Baby Boy

I have about three hundred things to do right now but today is a party day around here...our baby turns FOUR!!! 

It's kind of crazy to me. This morning, DH said, "It doesn't really seem that long, does it?". I don't know. It's a first for us. Usually there was a new baby within two years so the threes and fours got lost. How blessed we have been to have this guy be the one with whom we spend extra time. It's been a lot of fun. He is wise beyond his years and cracks us up on a regular basis. Like all good later-borns, he looks much smarter because he has so many opinions from which to choose. How blessed he is to be following all of these big personalities.

Our April boys...connected forever
He is blessed to have such wonderful godparents. not worthy of all of these amazing blessings.
I think being dragged along helps you have a more easy-going personality. Seems to have worked for him.
He is our intrepid traveler...always ready for the next adventure.

He will learn his faith, whether he likes it or not ;0)

He is, above all, a typical little boy. For that I am so grateful.
Today was a great day for a little boy. He put on his party hat at breakfast and didn't abandon it (it broke from his head being closer to adult size than kid size) until after lunch. Party at Mom's Day Out, lunch with great auntie at Armstrongs, home to watch some Gumby, then the best ever evening with Dad.
Gifts from sisters were delivered early

Not quite awake

Cards with breakfast

Brother is studying Matisse...he tells me it's a boy blowing out a birthday cake

Lunchtime (I told you about the hat)

His "gift" - two rooms of bubble wrap

Outfitted with his new shirt from Aunt Syl and ready to head out with Dad...Let's go Bucs!
Unexpected and unbelievable. We are so blessed by you. Happy birthday, Mr. G!

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