Saturday, October 31, 2015

By all your saints still striving...

for all your saints at rest. (this is where I insert the pic that I didn't take of three of our children sleeping through the entire vigil Mass tonight...the older two were on the altar).

I can't blame them, it was a long day. #2 and I headed out this morning for our typical CMU Saturday (and got there early so we saw some cool sights)
This cool number, weird thing in the middle of a maze

A circular bench! We rolled around until I got sick. So cool!

Not one

But TWO Madonna and Child statues in the School of Architecture. I misjudged. Mea culpa.

The others were off at the Halloween parade and Trunk or Treat to get even more candy ('cause I guess you can never have enough)...all before the big event!

We were missing a few but the Saints party was better than ever. We had familiar Saints, unknown Saints, new and old Saints. It was a wonderful afternoon of learning and playing and having fun. Who knew that St. Charles Borromeo was the patron of apple orchards or St. Julian the Hospitaller is patron of circus performers or St. Barbara is patron of engineers? We learned these and more on our scavenger hunt!
St. Julian

St. Charles Borromeo

St. Barbara
Our Saints were guessed and we played and had a wonderful time sharing snacks like "St. Stephen's stones" and "St. Apollonia's teeth" and "St. Isadore's veggies".
St. John Bosco

St. Helen and St. Kateri

All the Saints

Vigil Mass, as you know, was rest time for the little three...just enough to refuel for the three blocks to fill our bags to bursting. I told the kids they were so lucky to live in the city...the yield is crazy.

He described himself as "the Chopped winner"

#1 enjoyed her last year by dressing as a Sister. A+ for evangelization opportunity.

Since tomorrow is the huge Slovak dance show, I'm going to bed. Enjoy the extra hour of sleep and pledge to ask for intercession anytime you need help. There are Saints to cover almost every situation!

All you Holy Men and Women, pray for us! We are blessed.

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