Sunday, October 11, 2015

Interesting Day

Our Saturdays have turned into everything I have raged about other people doing so, other people, Mea culpa. I understand how difficult it is to say no and how easy it is to fall into being over scheduled and crazy. DH and I are formulating our escape plan. More on that later.

It is amazing to me, though, how God can make all things good. Failing that, at least make everything not as bad as it originally would seem Here's part of our interesting day and the lessons that came during and after.

#2 and I head out to a local university every Saturday a little before 9 so that he can attend an architecture class. I had high hopes but, sadly, it hasn't turned out to be what I expected. The campus is extremely liberal and, had I thought it through, I would have realized the class is less about building and more about saving our planet through recycling, green buildings, etc. The plus? My child who has long been a bit timid when it comes to new people is at least away from us for three hours and learning things that seem to interest him (a big struggle at the moment). Caring for the earth is also the pope's message so with a little work, we can make it a Catholic thing ;0) Finally, we have good discussions about how people might say things that, while true, are not exactly accurate (like "if you drop a plastic water bottle on the ground it will leech toxins into the ground water and poison us." DH pointed out, while true, it would take about a million years...see? Hyperbole is fun!)

Bouncing on and off of campus while I ran to and from home to finish other errands, I was having an "open to the Holy Spirit's sense of beauty and irony day". There was some type of football game or something else happening so, when I returned, I waited in line to park on the top floor of the garage. I thought about being annoyed but I gave it up, realizing there were enough people who already chose that route. When I got out of my car, I immediately saw this...
The Cathedral spires! On a beautiful day! Thank you, God!

Then heard and eventually saw this
A whole BUNCH of bagpipers! What an excellent place to stop and enjoy some beautiful music.

So, there you go. I was feeling some grace and gratitude as I walked across campus, enjoying the beautiful day. It carried me through pickup and allowed me to laugh at the cosmic joke that might have otherwise sent me into the society-hating pit on a day like yesterday. The class is in the Fine Arts building so it's full of wonderful sights and sounds (think orchestral instruments practicing and art installations...only some of which are odd). I learned a while ago, though, that I'm not really an art person at heart...I suppose I should clarify to say non-religious art people since I do know at least two artists who I could talk with for hours.

I digress. On my way through the building, I spotted this poster announcing an upcoming author talk.
Are you proud that your title reflects making an improper gesture? Wow. Society.

So this woman is taking the scientific approach to prove that morality is, in fact, a scientifically-based phenomena and nothing like the superstitious silliness that we religious folk are always droning on about. If I could bare to part with him another night, I would insist DH attend. I would love to hear about it and I fear I would make rude noises/gestures during the high points of the talk.

I know you're waiting for the irony. Well, I happened to pick up the book I'm reading on the way out the door that morning. I didn't have any deep thoughts about creating a hostile environment or creating dialogue, I just thought I might have a few minutes to sit down and read (I did...five). After taking the above picture, I realized what my reading selection for the day was and it made me LOL.
Can you call it Holy Irony if it comes from the Holy Spirit?
It made me laugh but I was also wishing I could call up dear Clive for a minute. He talks early in the first book about how there are social mores that prevent civilized folk from crossing certain lines of taste. I wonder what questions he would ask Alice Dreger about Galileo's middle finger?

At last, time to leave. Our city is in the fix-every-road-before-winter-destroys-them-again two weeks. I took the road that leads to the tunnel that is currently closed. Gah. Again, thought about getting angry and even had a few moments of refusing to let the people in who sped up the shoulder then I figured it was no use. I turned on the radio and when #2 said, "can't we listen to Classical music?" (which meant anything but this), I said, "Nope...we are listening to this"
Local Catholic Radio!
Imagine my joy when, at dinner, #2 piped up to say "Guess why they immerse the baby/pour Holy Water on the baby three times during Baptism?" Wow, he listened to the hour program on Sacraments in the Catholic Church and heard something. God is good...All.The.Time.

More of this interesting day at a later date...stay tuned.

We are blessed.

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