Sunday, October 4, 2015

Welcome October

It is OCTOBER! That means...

The month of the Most Holy Rosary
So cute...but that's not all! It's also

Respect Life Month

We are blessed to have a regular commitment with our Children's Rosary Group every 1st Sunday of the month...perfect day to pray the rosary with a few other families and a gob of kids!

After rosary, we might have gone downtown to 40 Days for Life or to participate in the Rosary March, which is always a favorite but I felt called to something new. This time, we headed to our old parish (the one we were married into and began our family) where they were participating in the Life Chain. This is a gathering of pro-life people who also hold signs on the street but, instead of gathering in front of an abortion clinic, they usually gather in front of a church. With no abortion-minded people to counsel, the time is free to silently witness to those who pass by and pray for an end to the scourge of abortion. 

It was a perfect choice and it just so happened to be our dear friend, Betty's, birthday (ahem). A wonderful hour of quiet witness followed by catching up with dear friends from a decade ago. Going home is a beautiful thing. We are blessed that we were able to join them today.

Dear Betty is in the yellow coat.
Having done our part to openly witness to the gift of life, we headed out to our final stop. Ice cream outside to enjoy the gorgeous day that God has gifted to us.

It's only October 4th so instead of planning your Halloween party (or All Saints party) take a few weeks to show your respect for life in some way. Pray at a 40 Days vigil, fast for a day, offer up each times you would like to yell at your children and instead hug them and give God thanks for the gift that is your parenthood. Pray for those who are dying or the Holy Souls in Purgatory. However it works for you, celebrate and respect life!
We are blessed.

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