Saturday, December 28, 2013

The big switch

After being sick for 8 days, many of the little ones along with me, we were all finally well enough to do some room switching today. Mainly, it was time to finalize the "boys' room" (since the girls have been enjoying their space for a month now) and free up the nursery space for DH's office (it's really cold in his current office since the only heat source is a space heater...brr). It was even more pressing since I'll need an anteroom that can provide some space for reading other than bed during my rehabilitation month (if you missed it, ankle surgery, more later). I'm going to go insane anyway but maybe it will take longer this way.

So, here's the deal. Little man was already staying with his big brothers but we got his clothing and changing table/dresser moved in today along with the pictures and collectibles. It's now "all boy" ;0)

We also moved #1s bed back to the loft position. I give it 3 months until someone is sporting a cast.

Then, the office. I'm happy with the way it turned out; except the color. It was that way when we moved in and DH happily refers to it as "Tinker Bell puke" or something equally colorful. One day it will be muted. Not today.

We also moved in my sewing machine which will double as a desk for the oldest two who will be having their lessons on the second floor when I am captive there. (We did move the "mobile" to the boys' room eventually).

Things are always in flux around here. I like the setup though and I'm hoping that, by not walking past the boys' room at 5 AM, DH will prevent the early wake ups we've been having for a while now.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Our kids share a room now, and it's a mishmash of "boy" and "girl" stuff in there. I can't wait until we find a house, and I can set up separate rooms for boys and girls!