Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heavenly blessings

Right now, this is what I'm hearing from the other room...
"Clement, get in the boat. We need to go and find her."

"Yes, Sylvia. Is Dominic coming along?"

"He is, and John as well."
long pause as we hear sounds of sailing, a storm and rough travel...
"She's alive! Santa Chiara is alive!"

Yes, it's true that all these Saints didn't happen to be around one another during their Earthly time. Still, it makes you wonder if, once in a while, they all get together for a big game of heavenly hide-and-seek.

I'm hearing it right now because my dear friend decided to gift us with amazing peg dolls of certain patron Saints as a gift for helping them move. Like hanging out with delightful little people is worthy of repayment! Anyway, the beauty of these dolls is amazing to me (someone who struggles with stick people). What a blessing to my children to "see" their patrons and imagine them in all sorts of situations. How blessed we are!

St. John

St. Clare
St. Sylvia 

St. Dominic

St. Clement

All you holy men and women

pray for us!

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  1. I love the conversation by the kids :^) Glad they like them!