Friday, December 20, 2013

Ponderings in these last days..

I am stuck in bed with some kind of wicked sinus infection (thank you court house germs!) and trying my best to sip my grapefruit juice while I am catching up on articles. Since I am without the ability to put anything meaningful together right now, I thought I would pass along a few to ponder...

Keep Mary in Christmas - a great reminder to be thankful for the most important gift we receive this time of year.

Keep an Eye on the Camel - the roles for stars are limited but the supporting cast is just as important.

Showing Mercy - I never knew more than the first verse of this song. What a beautiful story that we can tell and then sing with our children! Bad me for not finding this before All Saints when the good king walked among us ;0)

I'm resting to be well for Sunday's celebration as middle child turns 5. We are blessed!

Happy last Sunday of Advent everyone - the week is finally here! Maranatha :0)


  1. Have you ever read about the life of St. (King) Wenceslaus? I only read about him for the first time a few weeks ago, and was very impressed. He's pretty awesome. To the point where I suggested to Tom that we consider it as a middle name/secondary patron of a future son (I don't think I could go all the way and use it as a first name!).

    1. You have a Sylvester and a Stella...not exactly mainstream. I think, if anyone could pull it off it's you! What's the nickname, though? That's always a sticking point for me. Guess you could call him "W" ;0)