Monday, December 30, 2013

On the sixth day of Christmas

We had our 100th day of school celebration!

I never know whether or not to do this but I've decided, since we have closer to 200 days than 180 in our school year, we may as well celebrate the half-way point. It's not really the 100th day, that was sometime during the week before Christmas, but we are always up for a party!

As always, we start with our 100 exercises. Jumping jacks, side bends, balloon bounce, hopping on one foot - all good ways to start your blood flowing on a cold December morning.

Then we moved on to some writing prompts. #1s 100th birthday party will include a "representative from the zoo" and Blondie answered "I would like 100..." with "baby brothers" ;0) He is cute!
We proceeded to make our pretzels (some for a snack now and some for dinner tonight) using the greatest pretzel recipe ever! then saw how many ways we could make "100" from our lunch fixins.

New this year is the "100 stickers" page. After thinking about it, I needed something more than just putting stickers on a page. We decided we would see how many prayers we could say today...could we reach 100? We got off to a good start with a decade of the rosary along with the Angelus at noon. I think we're at 36. Perhaps we can finish our 100 tomorrow before the new year arrives.

Wishing you a happy, healthy day, regardless of what number you're on. We are blessed!


  1. Fun idea! And I agree - that IS the best pretzel recipe ever!

  2. The girls said some prayers while the boys were in the bath and they all said a rosary while I was in the shower! They finished with 108 :0) I have never seen them this excited...must invest in more stickers. LOL

  3. We're coming up on 100 in a few weeks (the move set us back a bit), but I loved this celebration of yours last year and plan to steal some ideas ;^)