Friday, April 5, 2013


For the first day since it actually arrived, today felt like Spring. A wonderful day to meet up with friends at the park and run off some steam. Alas, I have no pictures because I finally got some uninterrupted time talking with an old friend. The kids were in a pack and having fun themselves so, like some things, not a photo op.

Other things we are doing around the house to prepare for my favorite season (which, of course, follows Spring)...


In anticipation for a trip to Round Hill farm in a few weeks, we have been reading all about farming, farm animals and planting. For a "First day of Spring" project, we decorated some degradable pots, filled them with the neatest soil starter pellets and planted some seeds. Cucumber, herbs, flowers and squash. Of course, since the SNOW and all, they've been living in the heater room since then. Thankfully, we are finally seeing some shoots! (Patience is indeed a virtue).


Someone (me) thought it was a good idea (why) to buy an ant farm for Christmas. Thankfully it's been too cold for the ants to be shipped so we've managed, for 3 months, to forget all about the soon to be newest residents in our home. Today was the end of that respite.

It's actually been kind of cool watching them. A few scouts head out to dig the tunnels (most of the others seem like they loaf "on the farm" and wait for the scouts to do the work. hmmmm). The poster and book that came with the ants seems like it will be just the end-of-school-year science project we've been looking for. I am so clever ;0)

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  1. I am not a big fan of ants and my kids have been wanting one too! Good luck with your planting . . . we have seedlings all over now too!