Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Birthday Boy

Our second child's (and second in April) 6th birthday has arrived!

Not long ago, one of his buddies took him on an outing as part of a "invite two friends for your birthday" party. I thought that was inspired thinking. Smaller in the "show" department but much more meaningful. His choice was a baseball game with two buds...one from homeschool and one from preschool. They had a blast (even though it was freezing!). Hey, the Bucs even won the game!

Some pics of the happy trio:

I asked DH if he told them to pose like this..."no," he said, "they're just little boys"
For the actual birthday we started with Good Shepherd then went straight to Silvi's Little Artists. This is the greatest place, ever. Even a developmentally delayed artist such as myself was in awe of how much STUFF was there. The wall of paint was impressive, as was the wall of jars full of cool things like stickers, tissue paper, ribbon, bells, buttons, etc. I can tell we will be back. Heck, I think this will be our homeschool art-of-the-month destination!

Next up - lunch with dad at Bob Evan's. The art was good but all of our kids look forward to sharing part of their special day with dad. We are so blessed to have him close and available. It's so nice to have mom/dad/birthday kid time to relive the "big day" and talk about all the wonderful things that are happening now.

The evening party was for the family and nearby relatives. Again, I love this tradition. The friend festivities out of the way...time to spend the day with your family - especially your sibs. Eat bad homemade cake and good homemade dinner. Talk and be silly.

Have I mentioned I'm not a baker? That paired with the fact that little man is sick so I've been up like 40 hours straight...oh well. They can laugh about it one day ;0)

The party included his requested dinner of "peas and tuna casserole" then cake. This was followed by a serenade from older sister ("Happy Birthday" and a custom piece, "Painter Song") then presents. Lots of fun and family. Just the way I like it !

Oh, and now when you say "cheese" to tiny man, he squints and scrunches up his face. Adorable.

Happy Birthday, first-born son. We love you!


  1. Cute. Jack had such a good time at the game, even if he wasn't sure if "Atlantis" or Pittsburgh won (I guess they left before the end). Happy birthday, Dom!

    1. They did leave in the 8th but the score ended the same - Braves 2, Bucs 4 ;0)