Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's hard for me to believe that this miracle has already been with us an entire year! To celebrate, we gathered friends and family and JAMMED them (sorry everyone) into our house (it was really supposed to be a nicer day) for the festivities. Here are some photos.

one of the three "kid tables"

See? I told you there were lots of people.
I think I've said this before...the family that originally lived in this house had eight kids and it just seems like the house is happy when it's stuffed full of happy people.
a rousing game of foyer v-ball

friends to share the day
instead of a baby smash cake (which DH detests) we got a no-cut cake...which I adore

Hmmm...what is that big thing? Is that for me?

Oh, it's gone but they're SINGING to me...I love people singing to ME!!!

OK, back now. Let me check this out.

(can't help it...he's so cute)

OK, it's dessert?

There's dad with the wipe at the ready

not bad.

yes, yes, I like it!
We have been so blessed and overwhelmed with love by this little guy. He has created loving bonds that will last a lifetime (in our family and beyond). We are so thankful that God has entrusted him to us. How blessed we are.

Happy Birthday, Mr. G!


  1. What a sweet smile...Happy Birthday to your little one. Growing up, our Family used to cram into our home (there were seven of us kids, plus cousins, etc) - The Best Memories Ever!

    1. We only had 5 kids but I agree - crammed is good stuff...makin memories ;0)

  2. Looks like a fantastic time! Can't believe it's been a year either...where does the time go? Also, I didn't know you knew Heidi! She is the sweetest lady! We do Bible Study together at OLG.

    1. We love Heidi! She and Scott are actually G's godparents. Small world :0)