Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kid decisions

We probably should have gone to activity day with the homeschoolers today. Instead, we walked to the library, watched some construction for 20 minutes and visited with a neighbor who was kind enough to share her supper with us (it's nice to live down the street from a saint-in-the-making).

I struggle with that first part. I admit that I am more comfortable at home and progressively less comfortable out with other families. Sometimes I venture out because I feel like it is the right thing - their growth trumps my anxiety. Other days I stay here. Am I doing damage by not seeking out more peer-interaction for my kids? After all, how will we socialize our children? ;0)

Then, I realize why we chose to homeschool in the first place. We want to teach our children to interact with and love their siblings. I forget that, in most families, kids have one or two siblings. We have a built-in playgroup!

(our favorite thunderstorm activity)

We want to have them nearby when those wonderful real-life lessons occur (like greeting the people you pass on the street or saying "thank you, we LOVE your meatballs, you are SOOOO kind" to a generous neighbor). That is the kind of "socialization" I envisioned when I brought them home.

I don't think they will ever have trouble finding friends to join (at least that's the feeling I get when we're at the fish fry and kids run up to #1 to talk even though she has been out of their daily lives for a year). If they do struggle, I won't be too suprised  (I certainly wouldn't be one of those people with 300+ "friends" on FB) but we will work on it at that time.

We are blessed to have this opportunity. However long it lasts, I will take each day as it comes. As I have learned from parenting over the last 7+ years (slowly, but at least I got there!) our family is unique. Some things work and some things do not. Some days something works beautifully, only to be a disaster a month later. Choosing between two things can be difficult but we ultimately do what's best for us. This is my effort at letting go and trusting the mind God gave me when He entrusted me with this life and these miracles. I have no idea how it will work out but I do know, from LOTS of experience, when I trust and follow, it usually is exactly the right thing.

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  1. But how do you socialize your kids, Sue? ;^)

    Right down the line, I'm with you. I'm glad to see your kids are well adjusted to thunderstorms as well. Mine were a wreck with the first clap of thunder, but they had a slumber party during quiet time to "keep each other safe," so all was well.