Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ta Ta tonsils (and adenoids)!

So, today was the day. One of those days that this mama dreads. The day when you have to see your baby in pain. Even pain that is for good drives me nuts. I know pain. Each of these babes has brought me a great deal of pain as they entered the world (and even some after that). I would gladly exchange that on a monthly basis to not have to see them experience all but the smallest amounts in their lives.

That's part of growing up. I know it. At almost seven, I am so blessed that a knot in her hair has been the greatest discomfort she's experienced to date. I know, when this trial has passed, it will give her perspective. She will realize that there will be pain in her life and, hopefully, rejoice when she is free from it.

The doctor reports that her nasal passages were 90% blocked with adenoids so I am praying that this is the answer we've been seeking. More rest, good rest, more focus, more energy. We shall see.

Hah...he thought he only had to wear these for childbirth ;0)

Kudos to the staff at Children's North. They were so amazingly accommodating of us and our needs-to-eat-every-hour-going-through-a-growth-spurt son even though he is technically verboten in certain areas. What a wonderfully family-friendly place.

An even greater bonus- two amazingly helpful mom "tips":

1. To make Rita's at home, melt a double Popsicle in the microwave for 30 seconds and mush out the lumps. A slushy without the trip!
2. (this is huge in our family) - The "just in case" bag. If you have a child that tends towards car sickness, put a diaper into a small plastic bag. If they are old enough to hold the bag and direct the vomit into it, it the diaper will absorb all the liquid - NO SPILLS! (I am amazed at the knowledge floating around that place.) In rush hour traffic today it worked like a charm!

I am thankful that we have the ability to help our children have a better quality of life. Please pray for us...three weeks of no major exertion is going to be a stretch.

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  1. I'm happy to read that all went well, including contained barf! SOunds like it's time for a coloring and pasting bonanza for the next couple of weeks. Prayers for a smooth recovery