Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Makes sense to me...

As you already know, if you've been following along, my dear beloved not-the-mommy-car was recently given away to a cabrio mechanic (or someone posing as such) since that is what was needed at this point. There was just too much money to invest to bring it back to life and, considering the home in which we live, we don't need two sources of money-drain.

So now, I am currently experiencing extreme convertible-withdrawal and have been doing all that I can think of to convince dh to purchase one, as his car, to replace my old Jeep (which has nearly 100K miles). He's not going for it but I will soldier on. Here's my brilliant argument...

My last pregnancy (as you also know, had you been following along) was full of challenge and uncertainty. When I went to confession for the last time before having the baby, and several times prior, my priest/spiritual director said "you just have to let 'fiat' be your constant prayer and turn yourself over to God's will."

Since then it's been kind of a mantra of mine. I felt very close to Our Lady during and after the pregnancy and I have tried to use her example to turn myself over completely.
So, of course, my next NTMC should be...

Admit it, it's cute...;0)


  1. I do believe you're onto something there.

    1. Thank you, my good and faithful friend ;0)