Friday, August 17, 2012

Introducing: The Poka Joka

My eldest son fancies himself an artist and a chef. He tells me, on occasion, "Mommy, when I get older, you are going to be tired of eating because I am going to make so much food for you!" That promise gets me through a lot of cooking these days ;0)

Given the fact that he will keep me well-fed one day, I feel that I need to indulge him somewhat right now. He so loves to cook and making up recipes with his older sister (the scribe) is something that takes up hours of his time right now. I'm thinking we'll have to learn measurements (and fractions!) soon so that the recipes make greater sense but, for now, I'm just happy he has a hobby.

In this discussion of vocation, he has flat-out refused to even entertain the thought of God calling him to be a priest one day because of this great desire to be a chef. Thankfully, we stumbled upon Grace Before Meals yesterday with Fr. Leo Patalinghug. Whew...back on the table!

Thanks for is the now famous (around here) Poka Joka:

You spread a baby spinach leaf with peanut butter and nestle in half a Hershey's miniature

Then you wrap them up into a cute little bundle

and feed them to your little brother ;0)

I had one and they're not bad because, really, it's basically a peanut butter cup. Still, he was trying so hard to get some nutrition in there with the spinach so I give him credit. I would say excellent first attempt!

As for the name...I have no idea.

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