Monday, April 3, 2017

Offering it up...

as always, God has a nice habit of providing me with an endless supply of things which to offer up during this penitential season. I do appreciate His love for me in this and I do try...I do, to put my anxiety/annoyance on hold in hopes that someone else may my dear friend who is closing in on the end of another pregnancy; or someone totally unknown to me but with a new tiny one who was born very small and very ill; or the people dealing with storms and other difficult and deadly weather.

The latest round...
 - keeping the house tidy for the oboe teacher who comes to us each week  (this isn't even worth mentioning except that my need to throw every.single.thing. away is starting to kick's a struggle to maintain balance sometimes).
- planning a birthday for #5 and another for #2, during Holy Week and the week post-Easter. I have a feeling that #2 will go easy on me but the little dude? no way.
- planning a First Communion, complete with out of town/country guests. See #1 about throwing things away...then add making/purchasing food, figuring out where to sit 50 people, schedules, etc...
- fighting with stomach flu (I'm mostly over it, thanks) with five kids, only 2 of which have really had it yet...tick, tick, tick
- deciding, after having considered "doing it all" and going crazy in the process, that this year isn't the year of "extras" during the Lenten/Easter season. We will enter into the Triduum (my favorite), and rejoice greatly in the Resurrection but the rest...may or may not happen.

I do realize how "first-world" all of this is and, trust me, I am so grateful to God that I have the problems I do...evidence that my life is blessed with many people and things. There is always a good side, even when things are not looking all that great.
Spend your night throwing up? Perhaps dh will stay home the next day and take the teacher role while you try to recover on the couch.

Worried about some trivial annoyance? Look at your baby daughter who, overnight, has become a beautiful young woman. Realizing how swiftly time passes has given me a new perspective on passing troubles.
Ultimately, even on the worst days, we should be nothing but overwhelmed with gratitude to our Creator for His gifts - crosses and all. His opportunities for grace are unending and His mercy is unbounded. How blessed we are to live each day under the gaze of our Loving Father.

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