Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday

Yes, it's a paradox but if you're doing it right, so is most of your life. So it would seem anyway. I woke up at 5:15 teetering on the edge of a panic attack. I've succumbed to the cold (beginning anyway) and all I could think of was the feeling of not being able to breathe while you're coughing and all the strangulation-during-the-spinal-for-the-c-section popped into my mind. I am sort of amazed at myself (completely through the gift of God's grace) that I was able to get up, look at the cross and offer my struggle and fear to Him. It seemed a most fitting gift to start this day. I'm still miserable but somehow, being able to walk through that and know I wasn't alone was a big "hooray" to finish my Lent which, mostly, has been less-than-stellar.

I guess they missed going to Holy Thursday service because when I made it downstairs, Good Friday was in full swing.

I am grateful that we were all able to pull it together enough to actually go to services. It was the first time venerating for the little people and it was wonderful to experience as a family. #1 and #2 were serving so they were up at the Cross when we approached. What a blessing to have our whole family together for such a moving occasion.

Moving to some part anyway. I noticed today that digging deep into the Passion wasn't really as possible as the years before when I had only older kids with me. Tiny man was a distraction enough to keep me from my usual sobbing mess. Every year is different!

The services were wonderful then we visited my aunt and arrived home to find a nice burnt-crispy ham in the crockpot. Really? Oh well, my bad. Eggs and kielbasa it is ;0) At least the paska worked this time around. Having my sister, aunt and mom here to celebrate is really the most important thing. The food is secondary at best.

Everyone was winding down but dh and I were finishing up a 2-day fast so dinner was kind of necessary.

That passed, we moved on to a quick egg dyeing session and BED. If you read this, please send up some prayers for quick healing. Thank you so much.

Jesus, remember me, when You come into Your kingdom

Wishing you a most Holy Saturday and out-of-this-world joyful Sunday! I won't say the "A" word but you know what I mean. How wonderful is our God to walk with us on this path? How grateful we should be for His graces.

We are blessed.

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