Saturday, April 15, 2017

Holy Saturday

If you saw me today, you would know it's my day off (or as much as I get, anyway). Today is a day for family, and feast...quiet, relaxed things to pass the time before the Glory that is so very close now. We did a wonderful job of filling the time with a favorite tradition and some of our favorite people.

Mr. G's birthday fell on Holy Thursday this year and with the sickness, it was pretty subdued. Always grateful for a godmother who shares a Lent/Easter birthday, she understands the need for delay during this time. This morning was the long-awaited birthday celebration with godparents (both! blessing!) who were kind enough to bring donuts to the festivities. That and some pretty cool gifts...Pez and Jr. Legos...perfect for a 5-year-old boy :0)

The youngest always has a lot of help
Hugs for godmama


After some much needed catching-up time, we said our goodbyes and got to work. Packing our baskets, that is. We are so blessed that the church within walking distance has basket blessing on Holy Saturday. It's so much fun to chat with people and see all the goodies they bring :0)
For us, it's the traditional Slovak fare but it has branched out waayy beyond the Eastern Europeans.
It was a beautiful day so we decided to walk

All ready to be blessed

#1 basket - cupcakes for the birthday boy

#2 - paska, cheese, eggs, candle and butter lamb (yes, I totally forgot the chren..oops)
Finally, we welcome back the pig, whom we haven't seen since Mardi Gras. You were missed :0)

Let us all pray for those who are coming into the Church at tonight's Vigil. May their faith always remain as steadfast as it is today, growing in knowledge and grace. For those who are in attendance, may they be reminded of the great gift of Our Father; sending His Son to die for our sins. May we all rejoice in the grace that comes from Jesus's sacrifice; dying out of love for our sins. We are unbelievably blessed.

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