Monday, March 27, 2017

Life these days...

Well, according to the calendar (and actually outside lately as well), Spring has sprung. You wouldn't know it from our pathetic failures of seed starts in the basement (no light...I'm not that surprised) but it is definitely feeling more happy around here. Happy and antsy. We are in the depths of Spring fever at the moment. That's OK with me. We'll finish when we finish and have plenty of time left over. (I am so grateful for the gift of time spent in with parenting, you realize that some...or many things... just don't matter all that much). We're also back-loading the phys ed into the school schedule, like we do in the late summer. It's been working wonderfully.
Homeschool rollerskating! What a fantastic idea! (I love to skate)

These two are progressing wonderfully through lessons. I sense I will only have one little guy to watch this year :0)
Most important right now...we are gearing up for a major Sacrament in #3's life. Being the middle child, he is extra-special. He has a Godmother in St. Louis and a Godfather in Slovakia. Both will be present for his First Holy Communion. That's special beyond words. It's something we're anxiously awaiting next month. First things first, though.

This weekend we headed north to one of my favorite places in the world, Stockbridge, to visit the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy. Every time we go (this was the third) we find new and meaningful things (have you done Stations according to St. Faustina? Amazing). The purpose of our trip was to visit, pray, reflect, and get our family ready for the coming Sacrament. It was well worth the drive.

First, though, you know we have to use those passports (and who knew that dh hadn't been to the Falls? Well, he can't say that anymore!)

It's hard to miss God's majesty at a place like this

They could not tear themselves away.
After the short detour to Canada and back, we headed East and landed in our new nest. To say I'm thrilled with the new lodging is an understatement. Close to the cost of a hotel; ten minutes from the Shrine; walking distance to a cute little New England main street; perfect.

Plenty of games

and spaces

to keep everyone unplugged

and entertained (yes, we watched food/hgtv at's vacation after all)
I wish I had pictures to show you from the Shrine. It seems more and more these days that my camera is away and I'm enjoying a front-row seat to the lens to keep me from the wonderful life happenings. In all truth, I'm not sure when/how I would have taken a picture. It was 3+ hours of Adoration, Confession, Mass, Divine Mercy Chaplet, Benediction, and Stations. We walked out spiritually full and physically tired. What blessings we received from our day "on the hill". How grateful I am that we are able to travel as a family and share these experiences. I have a feeling we will all remember, even without the pictures.

We headed back to our nest and stopped short down the road to visit a wonderful Italian place (think our house made into a restaurant) complete with home-brewed root beer, creme, and orange soda.

A perfect way to finish our celebration - reflecting on God's gifts and grace - as we prepare to take another step in faith. We are blessed!

Oh, I forgot (because, again, no pictures!) that I even had my own personal "retreat" morning - breakfast with a sweet friend who drove an hour to meet me (personal time away from little people - I totally get that!). How wonderful to spend time catching up and discussing all the joys and challenges of Catholic motherhood. When I'm down on the Internet, I always think of this good woman and know that it's truly not all bad :0)
I did take a picture! "That is all" - how true :0)
Happy Second Half of Lent! Don't stop now!

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