Friday, February 6, 2015

Keeping Busy

I so dislike when my DH is traveling. He does it so infrequently, I have no place to complain, but it still makes for a trying day without my partner. He is so expert at the bedtime ritual, especially, that I know I will have choruses of "but daddy doesn't do it that way!" until the last falls off to sleep. Oh well, it makes me appreciate him even more.

I think part of my dislike of the situation is the kids. They are so used to breakfast together and dinner beginning the moment he enters the house that it is a trial for them when he is absent. I am learning, after much trial and error, that the key is distraction.

I wrote those paragraphs before leaving this morning. Little did I know that the Holy Spirit had both dinner and bedtime well in hand.

We set out early for "Storm Day" at the Science Center. They had some pretty neat exhibits as well as the usual fare. Spending time with friends, as always, is the greatest gift.

 Studying topography with a cookie - brilliant!

 Tornado in a bottle

Fire safety ;0)
No trip is complete without the train.

After a quick lunch we headed East to St. Vincent college. The top 4 are taking classes (blondie tells everyone, "I'm taking preschool at college") through the StepUp program. So far, it has been more than worth the drive. Lots of excellent learning going on and today they had firemen in the preschool teaching about fire safety (check!).

The extra perk of this trip is that I get an hour alone with tiny man. We do all sorts of fun things like riding the elevator and exploring. Today we found some empty lockers and paid a visit to the basilica next door.

 Such a beautiful space
 Totally empty at 2 in the afternoon

Stop three of our journey was to visit our beloved Sister Dorothy. I have known Dorothy since college and she just has a way of grounding me. It's wonderful to talk to her and it's one of the places that I can let the kids roam without worry. Like a mini-retreat any time we pay a visit. Today was her feast day so we showed up with apples and roses in hand and spent a lovely hour catching up. I have no pictures at all! It must have been one of those times of being completely present. Yay, me.

We were scheduled to go to Slovak dance tonight but with three sick kids and no husband, that wasn't going to happen. Instead, our friends invited our wandering group to dinner at their home. Driving home with happy, exhausted kids, all I could think of was friendship and gratitude. These friends work hard all day and yet they are ready to bring an extra 6 people (all of whom can be unreasonable at any given time) into their home at a moment's notice. I am so grateful for this friendship. In the upside-down world we inhabit it's so nice to know that there are good people walking with you.

A little Kids of Steel dance party guaranteed a quick bedtime!

We arrive home well-fed and well-worn and I have a package on my porch, complete with this t-shirt. 
Ahh, yes. 40 days for life begins in just over a week! It is the perfect time to start thinking about how we can pray, fast and demonstrate to show our love for the unborn. What a great reminder to end and amazingly blessed day.

Saint Dorothy, Pray for Us!

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  1. I love full yet rejuvenating days like this. I'm glad to hear things went well in Dad's absence. It can be so rough, no matter how much I prepare myself in advance.

    Love that cutie in a locker :-)