Sunday, February 8, 2015

"And nothing would again be casual and small"

That line is from the poem I sing of a maiden by Rev. John Duffy, C.Ss.R. The poem was a favorite of Cardinal John O'Connor and I just learned about it and so many other beautiful, other-worldly things today. Yes, we were on a pilgrimage ;0)

After Mass this morning, #1 and I headed East. We ended up, about 4 hours later, in Maryland, just outside of D.C.  It happened to be the open house (see yesterday's post) for the Sisters of Life and, yes, it was worth an all-day trip to spend one hour in this community.

I'm not sure where I even found them but, since #1 is so intent on the vocation, I started looking at different orders. About 6 months ago, I found the Sisters of Life. Please go to their homepage (above) and check them out. If you can, please help them out. They are an amazing order and do wonderful work. Oh, the title of this post is engraved on the back side of the medal that they wear, the front bearing the image of Madonna of the streets.

I want to say more and will one day but I am sooo tired. I just thought I'd give you some homework and we will chat later ;0)

We are blessed.

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