Monday, January 26, 2015

The measure of a man

It was a long, somewhat trying weekend around here. Still, as most things, it had its blessings sprinkled in among the crosses. I have been thinking about it and appreciating how thankful I am for some of the men in my life.

- For my brothers, all of whom cherish and protect in different ways, but all of whom do it so well. Thank you for your clear example of putting other before self.

- For the far away priest who took time out of his busy, over-worked life to provide insight to someone he doesn't know and will likely never meet. Thank you for truly living up to the call to be Christ to others. Thank you for making time to put a pilgrim back on the path.

- For the nearby priest who delivered one of the best homilies about supporting life that I've heard in some time. Thank you for worrying less about what people might think and more about promoting the Gospel. Thank you for educating and challenging. Thank you for your vocation.

- For my husband, who lovingly guides me back to sanity when I get sidetracked by the craziness of the world. Thank you for taking your vows so seriously that you are willing, day-after-day, to walk with me on this journey.

A man should cherish, protect, educate and love. How blessed we are for the men who aspire to this every day. How good it is to see Christ through them.

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