Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I'm sort of obsessed with this at the moment. Most of the difficulties in society, including my own, seem to deal in some small or large part with being selfish. "I want this house/car/television now." Doesn't matter that I can't afford it or I don't need something that big. I'm told by everyone around me that I need and deserve bigger and better and so I will. Why not? Everyone else seems to be doing this...why should I have less? If I get into trouble, someone will bail me out.

This even happens with little people. It helps with homeschool to avoid the day-to-day comparison but there are still stores and commercials. Greed is human nature. I think those born without a natural inclination toward excess want are very few.

Knowing all this, I will literally drop everything and load up the car if there is a good, concrete example nearby. Yesterday I got an email that our bishop was sitting in, of all things, an ice house (!) to raise money for charity. It turns out it was part of the Dollar Energy Fund cool down for warmth program. Basically, you choose to sit in the house to raise funds from your friends. The funds are used by Dollar Energy to help those who are struggling to heat their homes this winter.

Gimmick? Of course but, you know, kids are all about the "wow" factor. We could have talked about it and sent in a donation but it was worth so much more to actually be there. So, off we went.

As we drove the 10 minutes into town we talked about the cold and the people who may not have as much as we do and how we can help. The older two talked about the works of mercy (thank you most excellent DRE!). Then they each decided the amount of Christmas money they were willing to contribute (yes, I capped it at $20 each...the little ones especially have a hard time keeping any if it's a good cause in their eyes...more lessons to work on!)

We walked up, were invited in, and made it through about 5 minutes of discussion before they asked to leave because it was very, very cold. From the conversation on the ride home, I'm guessing the point was made...for now, at least. Prayers were said last night for those who are outside or struggling in any way with the cold. 

I don't know how much of a lasting impact this had. It seems like a day-to-day struggle to get everyone (me included) to think outside themselves for any length of time. Still, it wasn't wasted. Now, when I need an example, I think I will only need say "ice house" and they will remember.

We are blessed.

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