Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't bring me down...

so, I finally coordinated "quiet time" and work time and had everyone in their place when I got on the treadmill and found the screen was dead. (yes, I suppose I could run outside but it's something like 14 and I have these five people to bring along with me...)
You got me runnin' goin' out of my mind
You got me thinkin' that I'm wastin' my time

Yes, ELO did just happen to be playing at that moment. It was then that I realized how very affected I am by music. I think that's the only reason I run at this point. It's like the daily fortune cookie of music.
All of her lovers all talk of her notes
And the flowers that they never sent
And wasn't she easy?
Isn't she pretty in pink?
The one who insists he was first in the line
Is the last to remember her name
He's walking around in this dress that she wore
She is gone but the joke's the same
 Makes me sad thinking about a sad situation right now. That was immediately followed by
I've had enough, I'm getting out
To the city, the big big city
I'll be a big noise with all the big boys
There's so much stuff I will own
And I will pray to a big god
As I kneel in the big church
Which makes me lol because I sing it every time (jokingly) I walk into my parish. The fit is disturbingly appropriate some of the time.

Ultimately, I like it when the Holy Spirit hooks me up with a good reminder, good or bad, or just makes me laugh or see something differently.

The treadmill belt and controls still worked, it turns out, it just didn't show how fast/far I was going. So, I put it on "pretty fast" and ran for 30 min while listening to all of these lovely tunes. The time to myself, getting lost in my music, recharging my spirit. Kind of appropriate that this would show up during cool down.
Got no butler, got no maid.
Still I think I've been overpaid,
I've got the sun in the morning
And the moon at night.
Got no silver, got no gold,
What I've got can't be bought or sold.
I've got the sun in the morning
And the moon at night.

Blessings to you on this snowy, blustery day (yes, I think it calls for some Pooh now that you mention it). Keep thinking about your blessings, even if you get sidetracked a bit by something difficult or sad. Ultimately we all have our loving Father and that's even better than the sun AND the moon ('cause, you know, He created all that).

We are so very blessed.

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