Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Blessed, blessed, blessed

Well, I've been waiting a while and it is FINALLY here! The snow (all 2 inches of it) arrived last night and this morning brought the first 2-hour delay. Well, not for us, because homeschoolers miss that perk. Still, we let the little ones sleep while #1 and I braved the cold so I guess that counts. She was scheduled to serve and I needed some extra grace (always.) so off we went. Since she was the only server (the other girl attends the parish school and, being on a delay, wasn't there yet) so she got to hold the book today! Very big blessing for such a newbie. Our pastor is awesome. He has such trust and confidence...it's helped her immensely.

After grocery shopping (we are in the 1-gallon-a-day milk habit now) we headed home and out into the snow. It's freezing but no one could say no, not even me. So much fun to be all together and experiencing the white gift from above.

 She earned her Kids of Steel mile today just pushing all the sleds around!

The masked muffin.

How blessed we are to have healthy, happy kids and the chance to enjoy this first snowfall. My biggest blessing (the one that helps me make it through this cold) is knowing we will be here in a few weeks...
What a joy it will be to spend time together as a family, catch up with friends and hear the ocean! I am so excited. It has been a trying few weeks and it is so nice to have a reward at the end of this tunnel. We are blessed.

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  1. Oh, and those were wool dryer balls on the dryer my SIL gave me for Christmas :^)