Sunday, November 23, 2014

Luckily there is Sunday for rest...

Yesterday was a blessed and busy day. Whew. Cold too but I guess that's what happens in late November (although it's 50+ now so don't ask me about the weather). Anywho...we had a great Saturday. Here's the recap.

Little Dribblers is kind of like Little Kickers except for basketball and they let 9-year-olds play and you get a multi-kid discount! That means only one little person to contain. Plus, several friends have joined in and it's a wonderful way to spend Saturday morning!

So far no one has shown any of mama's genes on this one but it's still early. Perhaps Mr. G will be a strong forward one day ;0) For now, we're enjoying big people time while the little ones run around.
Next, it was off to Market Square to dance with the Pittsburgh Area Slovaks to usher in the opening of the Christmas market. We stopped to see Santa before they danced. It didn't go well. When I have the strength I might actually write about it later in the week. For now, we saw a bunch of mascots at the ice rink (bonus) and danced our hearts out (at least they were was frigid) and had fun. Mr. G was safe at home with Grammy and Auntie.


We are blessed! Have a happy, warm feast of Christ the King everyone. If today's Gospel got you in the mood to live out some corporal works, don't forget Fr. Gaitley's book! (no, he's not paying's just really great - I can't imagine what would happen if everyone tried follow it regularly.)

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