Friday, November 28, 2014

Five on Friday

What a week. I stand by my feeling that "holiday" weeks seem longer somehow. This was no exception. It's nice having DH around for four days but, whew, it was a long beginning to the week!

1. Light's Out

We had some wicked wind come through here on Monday afternoon. It was fun listening to the howling and watching things blow least until the lights went out. I am grateful that we have laptops that double as DVD players...just the thing to keep little boys less anxious as night falls. It was also a good time to walk around and light our candles, praying for safety and a quick return of the power.

 Just as the last bit of sun left us and Word World finished its run, daddy arrived with Chinese takeout and brought the lights with him :0)

2. Sniffs and Shots

Tuesday was flu shot clinic. The needle fear is nearly as strong as the bath fear around here so there was a slow simmer of anxiety all day. I did my best to divert attention with trips to the pretzel shop and the Mission (I delivered 6 trash bags full of toys and Christmas, win) and we were all very thrilled when we arrived at the office and realized 4 of the 5 would have the nasal spray this year. Joy. The tiny man is my hero. Big shot in his chub and no tears! Triple bonus of Chick-fil-a drive-through (no way I'm taking post-flu-vaccine kids there on family night) garnered the regular kids meal toy PLUS a cup AND a stuffed cow. Wow!

Superhero with cup and cow!


There is so much on this list. The kids and I did our "thankful turkeys" and it was a nice time together, music playing, watching the snow. May I never forget, even for a moment, how blessed I am.

4. Funny

My aunt bought these dishtowels for my birthday. I see no resemblance whatsoever.

5. Real

There are no more tragic children who visit Santa than my own. I'm not sure why, other than we never do it and never talk about it so, I guess they have no clue. This time I did it because I know my mom is always itching for a Santa photo op. In Market Square before the dance there was no line and it's only $5. Sold.

The problem is Santa. The kids can stand and smile but then there is the odd "what do you want for Christmas?" Do most kids say, "I don't know" or "nothing"? #2 actually managed to get out "a Christmas ornament" (I'm guessing because he saw the tree) but was unmasked when, pressed further, he said "shaped like a Christmas tree". Ug. It only gets better.

#1s answer was "nothing" to every question posed, "dolly, game, bike?" I said, "well, how about an end to hunger or world peace or something?" Sometimes I should just butt out because she then said, beginning to weep, "it would be really nice if everyone were just happy and got along." Eeyore visits Santa. I hand it to him, though. He pointed to her heart and said, "If you're happy here then all the people you see will be happy too." It bought her enough time for us to grab our picture and head out the door. I'm sure we'll laugh about it one day. Probably when I'm standing in line with my grandkids waiting to visit Santa.

Now I'm going back to enjoying our complete family...home and unbusy for an entire day.

We are blessed!

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