Friday, September 19, 2014

Lift High The Cross!

I would say the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is a superb day on which to be baptized into the Church...Tobias Nathaniel, welcome!

What a beautiful day. We were able to share Mass as family and friends in preparation for the big event. Father's homily was excellent, complete with props!, talking about people's reaction to the crucifix. While we're on the matter...

Toby was baptized at St. Francis of Assisi and the whole way there, the discussion raged in the back of our van..."I think it's the crucified Jesus." "I think it's the resurrected Jesus." "Oh, I hope not, I'm not a fan." (Are my kids the only ones who have a crucifix preference?) Well, ladies and gentlemen, you are all correct. It was the coolest thing, really. We went in and knelt to pray and as I was looking up at the crucifix, I realized that the body of Christ was moving a bit. I looked up and saw that the body was affixed to the roof by one set of cables and the cross by another. Still, they were right next to one another so, unless the air was shifting, and certainly from straight on, it looked like a regular  crucifix. SO, there you go, a new and unique experience on a great day...on to the main event.

It is true that, the earlier in life you baptize kids, not only is it good for them spiritually, but let's be frank...they sleep the entire time! Sweet T was no exception. Little cutie. We were so blessed to be there to witness the event and so honored to be the godparents. We will be praying the beautiful prayer for godparents given to us by the priest, to ask for the grace we need to support T and his family as he grows so that we can all share and live our faith. We are blessed.

Kudos to #1 who was pressed into service as the camera gal (you will see that the parents were busy with little people). She did an awesome job!

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