Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cheese, please

It would figure, considering our family, that my 500th post would be about the protein we adore above all. After going through the process, I could see how this could become a hobby around here. It lends itself to years of study and experimentation.

Gearing up for our trip to the land of cheese (and needing a break from our textbooks) we decided to give it a go ourselves. I bought a kit a while ago after we attended a cheese workshop at our local science center (that place is awesome) and now seemed like the perfect time!
mixing up the citric acid and rennet water

 cheesemaking also teaches patience - excellent
starting to curdle

tiny curds

After 10 minutes of waiting - rewarded with huge curds.
I'm with Miss Muffet - looked scrumptious.

 Straining the curds from the whey.
curds on top - whey under...I did use cheesecloth at the end

Whey for smoothies later - into the fridge.

Crummy picture...yummy mozzarella.

Salted and shaped - first mozzarella done!
For whatever reason, this school year is turning into a recitation on how they did it "in the old days". Be it the Amish, Oliver Miller Homestead, or at-home attempts, I'm really enjoying this experience. I think the kids are also forming some appreciation for how hard people worked once upon a time. That and an hour of no screen time? Priceless!

We are blessed :0)


  1. You guys are my heroes! I have a dream of making our own cheese. I guess that will come in our homestate history unit :^)

  2. I had a cheesemaking kit for a few years, but was too intimidated to try sounded pretty complex. The ingredients finally expired, and I ended up throwing it away :-(

    Does your cooktop have SIX burners?! That would really come in handy sometimes...